Monday, June 11, 2012


This is how my eye makeup looks after a five mile run, on a 90 degree day, after a day full of classes. Twelve+ hours of wear. 

I bought a sample pack of the Urban Decay shadow pencils for about $12 at Nordstrom Rack a month ago, and I didn't have high hopes for them. I assumed they would be too creamy/greasy and have poor staying power, or they would be hard as a rock. These pencils are neither!

I have worn them non-stop since I bought them. Non-stop. I have worn them to work, while moving, and at the gym and have had no issues with them whatsoever. They are easy to apply, but they stay on forever! I use MAC Cleanse Off Oil to remove them at night, and the shadows come right off. 

I'm wearing "Sin" and "Rehab" in the photo, and it is my everyday look right now. I will post Clash/Delinquent swatches when I wear them! 

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