Friday, April 29, 2011

John Frieda Precision Foam Color 3N, Deep Brown Black Review

I have been dyeing my hair black for about a year now, and when I saw this dye at Target, I knew that I had to try it. Unfortunately, they don't make a true black — they only make it in a deep brown black, which is what I tried.

The packaging was awesome. Everything inside the box was tidy, the instructions were easy to follow, and it did seem a bit more elegant than other box dyes that I have used.

It doesn't stain your skin. At all. I dye my hair every month, and I always do it on a Friday afternoon, so I have the weekend to try to get the dye off of my skin and scalp. With this dye, it just comes right off of your skin. This is a HUGE plus.

The scent. It doesn't smell bad, or have any sort of overpowering scent. I have tried a few dyes that, in trying to get away from the chemical scent, go way too far into the floral scents. This one doesn't.

Very easy to apply, and does exactly what it says it does. The color that it claims to be is the color it is.

My hair was very shiny and healthy looking after dyeing it. The dye itself seemed to moisturize my hair, and the little bottle of conditioner was amazing as well. I don't feel as though it is super damaging, unlike some other products I have used before. (Looking at you, Feria....)


The only reason I don't plan to repurchase this dye is the limited color options. I like for my hair to be blue black, and their darkest is really a dark brown. A lovely color, but not what I want at this time. I do completely and utterly recommend this product to anyone who wants a color in their range.

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