Thursday, March 29, 2012


I have dry skin due to the nature of my job. I'm constantly washing and sanitizing my hands in an attempt to ward off illness (people come into the store and will literally cough all over you with no attempt to cover their mouths.) My hands have a tendency to get so dry that my knuckles will crack, bleed, and become completely raw. 

I have heard some really wonderful things about Weleda's Skin Food, and when I found it at a local health food store, I had to try it. It was rather expensive ($15, if I recall) but I am typically willing to spend a bit more for something that works. 

It works, but I ended up giving it away. Why? It smells TERRIBLE. I'm okay with naturally scented/herbally products (I use Philosophy Hope in a Jar every day) but this was just overwhelming. I made the mistake of using it in class the first time around, and one of my closest classmates turned to me and asked what died (he is ex-military, so really, if he is complaining about a fragrance you know it is bad.) 

My mum didn't mind the scent so much as I do, so I passed it off to her. I have a very sensitive nose, and I'm not going to force myself to smell something nasty if I don't have to. 

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