Sunday, March 18, 2012


My mum is going to murder me when she finds out I used this photo.

The hill behind us is gorgeous!
To make up for it, I included this! I'm like a Victoria's Secret model, super sexy right? 

My beloved is 6'4, and I'm 5'9. Getting both of our heads in a photo involves smooching my face into his shoulder and him scrunching down. But we made it happen! 

Today was my twentieth birthday. I'm not sure how I feel about not being a teen anymore! It was the best day — we went out hiking at my grandfather's and got stuck in the most random snowstorm. It went from being sunny and light, about 45 degrees out, to an inch of snow on the ground in a matter of minutes! 

My parents and younger siblings came along with us, but I was only able to snag a photo of my mum, who is thankfully free of cancer. We have one test in a month to be absolutely positive, but the tests have come back negative and we are so thankful. 

My mum doesn't look anything like me, but we are so alike in mannerisms. 32 years from now, I will have the same wrinkles. A part of me is excited, and a part of me is saving for botox! 

Tonight is being spent with vodka and textbooks – final exams are next week and I'm rather nervous about my Spanish final. My instructor literally wrote the textbook, and is somewhat insane. 

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